It’s fine to shame voters, but not into voting for Biden

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

There’s a debate happening right now between two factions of the American Left: those who think we should vote for Biden to avoid a Trump victory, and those who think that we should withhold our vote or vote third party, so that the Democratic Party is forced to take our demands more seriously next time. The pro-Biden group is of course the woke liberal part of the left, and they argue their case by saying that if you don’t vote for Biden you enable Trump, therefore you are a racist. Not voting is white privilege.

Liberals pretend to respect others’ opinions, but then of course secretly they don’t, they shame people. Leftists try to show how liberals don’t live up to their own standards, but then it forces leftists to live up to liberal standards, which we don’t want to do. So we should be fine with shaming, just not with the content of their shaming. We should shame them. Especially when the primary isn’t over yet. Why aren’t they calling for Biden to step down and have Kamala or Buttigieg instead? What is that about?

And when there are no options left, shame them into voting third party. And we don’t have to do it secretly, hypocritically, like the liberals do. We could shame them much stronger. So stop it with this “respect my choice” bullshit.

Jesus didn’t respect the merchant’s choice to buy and sell in the temple. He didn’t ask them politely if they wouldn’t feel better praying than bartering. He smashed their stalls. Now we don’t say “ tsk tsk Jesus, I mean you were right but why did you have to use violence? If you are right, couldn’t you convince them they were wrong?” You can’t convince someone in an honest debate if they have a personal stake in what they’re defending. Liberals have a stake in Joe Biden. They just want to be heard, and then they want a strong establishment figure to maintain the status quo.

If you really believe in something, fight for it. Shaming works if you’re telling it true. So let’s not ask liberals to stop voter shaming and respect our choice. Instead, ask them to justify their complete moral bankruptcy and strategic stupidity.

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