The glory of “Build the Wall!”

Photo by Markus Spiske

It’s common for liberals to make fun of Trump’s efforts to build a wall along the Mexican border. They point out how expensive it would be, how impractical. How it wouldn’t even work: people could simply fly over or dig under. You would have to guard the whole length of the wall day and night, otherwise people could just blow a hole in it or throw a ladder over it.

These criticisms completely miss the mark however. Trump’s wall is not a border security mechanism, it’s a grand monument to Trumpism. It’s a symbol of wanting to protect the American Way of Life from the onslaught of minorities. The fact that it enrages the liberals is just the cherry on top.

There’s nothing wrong with monuments per se. For example, why are we so in awe of the Egyptian pyramids? Not because they are an effective way to house a dead king, but precisely because they are a monument to ancient Egyptian belief. Because the Egyptian people came together and expended this huge effort on transforming nature into an expression of pure culture. Humanity’s Spirit shines through its monuments.

If we transported a modern-day liberal to ancient Egypt, they would probably oppose the construction of the pyramids. Too expensive! How many slaves will die during construction? And all for some silly belief about the afterlife!

So we shouldn’t make fun of the impracticality of Trump’s wall, we should instead argue against the ideology of Trumpism it represents. And maybe the Left can suggest its own grand monument, instead of just a boring list of policies that don’t actually make clear what we stand for.

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